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Denture Implants in Temple, TX

Everything You Need to Know about Denture Implants

Missing teeth don’t just affect your appearance – they impact your quality of life. From chewing certain foods to speaking and pronunciation, missing teeth can cause various issues. Thankfully, there are solutions, including full and partial dentures and denture implants.

What are denture implants?

Instead of sitting on top of the gums like traditional dentures, denture implants are attached to the jaw with screws. These permanent dentures can only be removed and repaired by your dentist, but they provide a quality, long-lasting solution for missing teeth.

How do I care for permanent denture implants?

Denture implants do not have to be removed and soaked daily; instead, you can brush them like natural teeth. It is important to schedule regular dental cleanings to ensure that your denture implants stay in great condition.

How much do denture implants cost?

The cost of denture implants is unique to each patient and depends on their needs. Permanent denture implants do cost more than traditional dentures, but many patients value the convenience and natural look of permanent dentures.

We believe a beautiful smile is priceless, but it shouldn’t cause financial strain on an individual or family! At City Creek Dental, we provide financing options, and we will work with you and your insurance to create a treatment plan.

Let City Creek Dental restore your smile!

If you need denture implants in Temple, TX, contact us today so we can work together to restore your smile!

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